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Do you want to know the value of your home, or another residential property you own?  

At the moment, the residential property market is both buoyant and extremely unpredictable, which makes it very difficult for anyone trying to get onto the property ladder, as well as for home-owners, investors and lenders. We can help you navigate this difficult territory.  

There are many factors that influence a property’s value that must be considered in order to arrive at a reasoned figure. These include: 

  • lease length
  • location
  • size (and the potential to extend)
  • age of the property
  • condition of the property
  • the property configuration
  • aspect (view, floor level, light)

We can give you an accurate, well-informed valuation, so that you know how much your property might sell for, if you put it on the market. We will provide you a report (the industry gold standard report, called the RICS Red Book report) on the market value of your property.  

The report will give detailed reasons for the valuation, so that you can make an informed decision.  Please note that the RICS Red Book report is not a structural survey.  

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