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Do you want to know the value of your portfolio of properties? Are you rationalising your portfolio, or looking to expand?

The London property market is constantly fluctuating, and we can give you an accurate, well-informed valuation, so you know much your properties might sell for, if you put them on the market. We can also undertake acquisition appraisals for properties you might be looking to add to a portfolio. We will provide you a report (the industry gold standard report, called the RICS Red Book report) which will give detailed reasons for the valuation, allowing you to make the best decisions about what to do with your properties.    

At Elysium Surveyors we provide independent, detailed and timely valuations to our clients.  Our surveyors have a wealth of experience as well as local knowledge. With our large database of transactions we can respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. We offer a friendly and personalised service.  

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