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UPDATE - Time is of the essence for non-residents. When do you need a 6th April 2015 valuation?

27th Jul 2016

The taxation of residential property has changed considerably for non-residents. Now required to pay Capital Gains Tax on gains made from  April 2015, non-residents must value their properties as at 6th April 2015. 

Find out why it is important to undertake the valuation now, even if you are not looking to sell.

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The benefits of using a chartered surveyor for a tax  valuation - Tax doesn't have to be taxing!

1st July 2016

If you need to supply HMRC with a valuation of your property it can be confusing to know which way to turn and who to trust. Do you provide a figure yourself by looking online? Do you ask local estate agents? Do you instruct a chartered surveyor? Which surveyor do you choose.

We recommend instructing a chartered surveyor, and here's why.

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